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Instructional Books


Take your rudimentary drumming in a different direction by using uncommon subdivisions that will challenge your playing while improving your execution on the type of rhythmic figures you are already familiar with.
Take common sticking concepts and learn to use them in different ways with a fresh approach to single & double stroke rolls along with paradiddles and the various inversions.


The first volume of the Precision Drumming instructional series is available now.



"A very well thought out  book for technical development , the idea of using an odd number of strokes in the exercises makes it interesting/challenging and fun to do.

A great addition to any serious drummer's library as the exploration of stickings/accents/groupings are a fresh approach to one's continued development of technique/control and endurance."

- Homero Cerón, Former Principal Percussionist for the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Principal Percussionist for True Concorde, Timpanist for Tucson Pops, Leader/Owner Cool Breeze Productions, Percussion Instructor Pima Community College, Yamaha Performing Artist.

“You have a really good book here! You outline the goals clearly in the forward and follow through with a lot of rhythmic and sticking variety. Any drummer would benefit from using this text.”


- Joe La Barbera, internationally renowned jazz drummer, faculty member at California Institute of the Arts

“Carlos Solorzano was kind enough to send me a copy of his first book, Precision Drumming. The content is set out in a very clear and concise way, making it extremely simple for anyone to understand from beginning to end. Moreover, I’ve never seen another book on the market quite like it, so for those of you interested in hand exercises to develop accuracy and endurance you should find this book useful. Carlos is a very talented drummer with a gift for writing material in a highly organized manner. I certainly look forward to his next offering.”


- Joel Rothman, renowned author of almost 100 drum and percussion method books, Owner of JR Publications

"Among others, two aspects of drumming that I would consider 'fundamental' would be stickings and subdivisions. In his book Precision Drumming Volume 1, Carlos has taken a deep dive into those very concepts and expanded them in an intuitive and progressive way. The exercises go from simple all the way to mind bending, which makes the text good for all drummers of any skill level."

- Duran Ritz, drummer of Rare Americans, drumming educator in the Vancouver area,

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